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1- Reading (Beginners)


1. What’s in the Boxes? 

51. She Buys a New Dress 

2. He Sells Purses 

52. Take out the Trash 

3. She Goes to Bed 

53. A Yellow Leaf 

4. A Letter from Europe 

54. She Gets a New Tattoo 

5. She Models Expensive Clothes 

55. He Flies into a Building 

6. She Burps the Baby 

56. She Has Happy Thoughts 

7. His School Secret 

57. They Run up the Stairs 

8. He Skates on the Pond 

58. They Decide To Marry 

9. A Sharp Pocketknife 

59. The Sand and the Waves 

10. He Goes to the Lake 

60. She Plays the Piano 

11. He Is a Bus Driver 

61. Dishes in the Sink 

12. He Buys Ballpoint Pens 

62. She Sweeps the Floor 

13. His Imaginary Friend 

63. Wedding Purchases 

14. She Gets Ready for the Beach 

64. He Waits for the Bus 

15. She Finds the Remote 

65. She Goes to the Dentist 

16. She Gets Health Insurance 

66. A Laptop and a Movie 

17. He Goes to the Bridge 

67. He Reads the Paper 

18. He Checks Off Each Item 

68. Police Look for Terrorists 

19. She Rubs Her Foot 

69. He Studies Too Late 

20. He Climbs Tall Buildings 

70. The Cop Chases Him 

21. Her Sweet Boyfriend 

71. A Good Golf Shot 

22. She Goes to the Pool 

72. She Is a Hard Worker 

23. She Takes the Elevator Up 

73. The Batter Takes a Swing 

24. Bubblegum on His Face 

74. His New Laptop 

25. He Eats Green Watermelons 

75. A Hamburger and Fries 

26. He Thinks About Bad Things 

76. She Fixes Her New Shirt 

27. She Likes the House 

77. She Washes the Clothes 

28. The Blimp in the Sky 

78. A Butterfinger Candy Bar 

29. Her Electric Wheelchair 

79. He Vacuums the Carpet 

30. He Gets Dressed 

80. She Goes to Lunch 

31. He Takes the Elevator 

81. She Plays Golf 

32. He Takes a Shower 

82. He Buys Some Milk 

33. A Brown Spider 

83. He Is a Vampire 

34. Many People Enjoy the Park 

84. A Busy Museum 

35. One Banana Is Just Right 

85. She Scrubs the Sink 

36. He Takes the DMV Test 

86. Her Office Is Cold 

37. A New Bulb in the Bathroom 

87. Fourth of July in the U.S.A. 

38. He Sits on the Steps 

88. He Pays the Electric Bill 

39. He Shoots the Basketball 

89. She Has Brain Surgery 

40. Fish in the Aquarium 

90. He Takes a Shower 

41. She Delivers the Mail 

91. People Buy Lottery Tickets 

42. She Buys Lottery Tickets 

92. He Fills Out a Form 

43. He Works in a Bank 

93. A Brand New Honda 

44. Shoppers Buy Gifts 

94. She Makes a Salad 

45. She Makes the Bed 

95. He Has Bad Breath 

46. He Waters the Plant 

96. The Busy Ant 

47. Rake Leaves in the Fall 

97. He Is a Policeman 

48. A Good Book for a Rainy Day 

98. The City Tour Bus 

49. She Makes Coffee 

99. Superman Is the Greatest 

50. She Sells Mangoes 

100. She Catches the Train




2- Reading  (Intermediate)



1. A Good Boy

101. What's Behind the Door?

2. A Long Life

102. A Wild Cat?

3. Barking Dog

103. Flying Saucer

4. Lost Pencil

104. Let Me Drive

5. Horse Rider

105. Red Spots

6. Yellow Corn

106. Rose Queen

7. Row Your Boat

107. Piano Player

8. The Jumper

108. Shoot It Down

9. Red Berry

109. Eight Babies

10. Chocolate Milk

110. Hole in the Wall

11. Go to Work

111. New Hair Color

12. Fresh Fish

112. His Leg Hurts

13. Buy a New Car

113. Sleep in the Car

14. A Thin Man

114. Let’s Go Fishing

15. A Funny Story

115. A Beautiful Jacket

16. Bug in a Bottle

116. No Help from Coworker

17. Clean Hands

117. Fun at the Beach

18. Who Is It?

118. He Loves Hot Dogs

19. Trash Day

119. Circus Clowns

20. Cold Weather

120. A Famous Painter

21. Add Numbers

121. Too Much Stuff

22. Write a Letter

122. A Stranger in the Neighborhood

23. Little Girl

123. The Swine Flu

24. The Farm

124. Where’s My Money?

25. Tenth Birthday

125. Get Your Flu Shot

26. His Red Bike

126. I’ll Call You at 7:00

27. New Shoes

127. The Pistol

28. A New Car

128. Always Eating

29. The Swimmer

129. Ten Pushups

30. Piano Player

130. Sleeping Pilots

31. The Runner

131. Feed the Pigeons

32. A Simple Salad

132. An Ear Problem

33. How Rude

133. A Mean Boyfriend

34. Clean the Apartment

134. The Baseball Game

35. Write a Check

135. Where Did She Go?

36. Melted Cheese

136. Visit the Park

37. In Love

137. Who Rang the Bell?

38. Work, Work

138. Do You Want It or Not?

39. No Energy

139. A Bad Babysitter

40. A Fast Driver

140. Wash and Dry

41. A New Baby

141. No Flu Shot for Her

42. Questions

142. Eat Like a Wolf

43. Swimming Pool

143. Where’s My Flu Shot?

44. Bug Lover

144. Will He Marry Me?

45. Earthquake

145. The Man in the Moon

46. Losing Weight

146. The Teacher

47. No Job

147. A Clean Church

48. Poor Dog

148. Can I Borrow $1,000?

49. A Storm

149. The Cold Winter

50. Good Teacher

150. Too Many Prisoners

51. Bad Boy

151. I Want All of Them

52. Cancer

152. Dead Bodies

53. Money in the Bank

153. Soccer

54. News Every Day

154. A Growing Baby

55. The Flu

155. Trees in the Jungle

56. Patty’s Doll

156. A Lot of Cash

57. The Shoe Shine

157. What Rain?

58. Dear God

158. The Moon

59. Birthday Card

159. They Fly So Well

60. Wants to Die

160. God Wants Good People

61. Two Aspirin

161. It’s Not the Money

62. No More Apartment

162. The Homeless Man

63. Use Soap

163. A Patient Mom

64. A Happy Cat

164. A Clean Car

65. Girl Fight

165. They Want a Baby

66. Scrub the Floor

166. Too Many Problems

67. Sally’s Cold

167. No More Meat for Her

68. Apple for the Teacher

168. Out of Food

69. A Farmer

169. Will the Car Start?

70. A Piece of Paper

170. A Mountain Drive

71. Try to Sleep

171. A Lazy Dog

72. A New Name

172. Help Him Die

73. Go to Your Room

173. A New Pet Store

74. Drunk Driver

174. The Mayor Is Late

75. A Shot in the Arm

175. He Will Work for Gas

76. A Loud Radio

176. A Book Sale

77. Eggs and Apples

177. House Price Goes Up

78. A Place to Eat

178. The New Neighbor

79. Red Rubber Ball

179. Don’t Pick Up the Trash

80. His New Book

180. Copycat Copycat

81. Lulu’s Letter

181. A Loud Party

82. Chicken Soup

182. Chop Down the Trees

83. Red, White, and Blue

183. Happy New Year, or Not?

84. Fly Away

184. Sleep In or Get Up?

85. Hungry Birds

185. Learn to Swim

86. Water and an Apple

186. He Likes That Idea

87. Washing Her Hands

187. Job Training, but No Job

88. Eat a Peanut

188. Burned Up

89. A Paper Clip

189. Meet Halfway

90. Wash the Clothes

190. Dirty Needles

91. Start the Car

191. Starving Artists

92. Dead Batteries

192. Believe the Chief

93. More Milk

193. A Hood in a Hoody

94. Drain Opener

194. Se Habla English

95. A Wheelchair

195. A Cool Laptop

96. Fresh Salad

196. From Hot to Hot

97. Trust God

197. Lost and Found

98. A Summer Job

198. They Deliver

99. Collect Coins

199. A Brush with God?

100. A Clean Floor

200. The Pier Couldn't Run





3- Electronic Books (Stories)




My busy morning 03 One cloudy day 05 A special lunch 06 Stop picking 07 I'm sick, Mom ! 08 Hiccups 09 I love books ! -1 10 I love books ! -2 11 A fresh diaper 12 Smile ! 13 Up an down ! 14 Hold on ! 15 Is your job ! 16 A summer birthday 17 A birthday invitation 18 Favourite birthday foods 19 My birthday party 20 Birthday treasure hunt 21 Three wishes 22 Don't peek ! 23 One, two, three 24 Sunday afternoon 25 Dodge the ball ! 26 Chusuk is coming ! 27 A wonderful dress 28 Hello, grandma ! 29 Kang's residence 30 Mrs Kim on the phone 31Can I take a message ? 32 A message for you 33 How much do you weigh? 34 Hada weighs 9.5 kg 35 Welcome, Santa !  37 Big news ! 38 I will miss you 39 Flying above the clouds 40 The United States 41 Hello, aunt Sunny ! 42 A table for five, please 43 May I take your order ? 44 A bridal shower ? 45 Can I help you ? 46 For here or to go ? 47 The garage sale 48 Going to the library 49 At the movies 50Golden gate park 51 A podcast for dad 52 The flower girl 53 I'm not feeling good 54 The wedding guests 55 The wedding 56 Going to the laundromat 57 Grocery shopping 58 Driving to Disneyland 59 Disneyland fun 60Visiting the zoo 61 Gable car ride 62 Last day in the USA 63 Home, sweet home 64 I miss him


Can you see me   Kipper and the trolls   Hairy scary monster   Big feet   Chicken Licken   Gran's new blue shoes   Cats   The sing song   Land of the dinosaurs   Tiger's family   Leek hotpot   Go away, Molly!  Top dog   The frog prince   Animals invade   Is dad in here ?   Silver foil rocket   Submarine adventure   Paco's pet   The birthday cake   The bully   A dog's day   The rainy day   Rumpelstiltskin   Ducks   What's the weather like   Jamie and the chameleon   By the stream   The moon jet   The rainbow machine   Floppy's fun phonics   Dragon danger   Viking adventure   The big carrot   Everyone got wet   Flood   A home for Ted   The scarf   What was it like ?   Spots   Stuck in the mug   Finn MacCool   The king and his wish   Painting the loft   Mr Grim's tower   Ant and the baby   Big, bad bug   Dinosaur safari   The snowman   Crunch   Jess and the bean root   The toy's party   Seasick   Green island   The snowman   Please, do not sneeze   Storm castle   Be quiet !   The magic paintbrush   The flying machine   Toads in the road   The big breakfast   Key trouble   Quiz  Tom, Dad and Colin   East of the sun   It's the weather   Bug hunt   Nasty Nate   The wobbly tooth   Husky adventure   Jack   Pirate adventure   The laughing princess   My cat Moggy   A monster mistake   Olympic adventure   Super dad   Rowing boats   Paris adventure   The ice rink   In the garden   The gale   Zak and Zee   Alien invasion   Red planet

Where is baby   Elves and shoemaker   Clever monkey   Hello grandma   The chatterbox turtle   The jam street puzzle   My dad   Wolf fables   Brer Rabbits trickbag   Family poems   Olympic dreams   Ocean adventure   What is it ?   The samosa thief   The super skateplank   Don't jump on the bed   The sand witch   Animal conflicts   Melting snow   Adventure for Robodog   Sport then and now   Presents for baby   Cosmo for captain   How the world began   Clothes for rain  Robot's special day   The personality potion   Kippers diary   Jellyfish shoes   Why the sea is salty   Little mouse deer   The wrong letter   The boss dog   Sue Kangaroo   Here comes trouble   The king of football   Paula the vet   Cool Clive   Jungle shorts   mix, mix, mix   Fables from Africa   The masked cleaning   Puddle's big step   Dangerous trainers   Cornflake coin   Hurry up and slow down   Animal tricksters   Man on the moon   The school trip   Toad swims for his life   Titanic survivors   How many sleeps   Little mouse deer tales   Stinky street   The ox and the yak   Big Liam, Little Liam   My friend Mandela   Tortoise, tortoise   At the top of the world  Waiting for Godie   Ron Rabbit's big day   Alien Swap   Blackbeard's last stand   The singing bird   The snow king   Kelly the rescue dog   Number poems   Tom the whistling   Grace the pirate   Christopher Nibble  Clown school   Dragon tales   Tortoise and baboon   The selkie child   Tomb raiders   An old red hat   Yummy scrummy   Mythical beasts   Alf saves the day   Disgusting Denzil   Tales of the underworld   Hot dog   Nelly, the monster sitter   Sherlock Holmes   Aye-Aye   Town dog   Air raid   Oh, Otto !   Tom Thumb - football   Special day poems   Farmer Skiboo stories   Toffee and Marmalade   Wild weather   Snow troll   The huge beast  Minibeast poems   The lazy giant   Dick Whittington   Castle poems   Eric's talking ears   MaryAnn and cat baby   Sports poems   Hero   Rory's lost his voice   Pirate poems   Training like an athlete


away Bingo Clementine   A tisket a tasket   Ali Ba-ba   Are you sleeping ?   Autumn leaves   Baa baa black sheep   Balloons   Build a snowman   Clap your hands   Colors   Cuckoo cuckoo   Days of the month   ...ever see a Lassie   Down by the station   Five big dump trucks   Five little monkeys   Hands   Happy birthday   Head and shoulders   Hokey pokey   How is the weather   Humpty dumpty   Hush little baby   I took a walk   I am a little teapot   If you're happy   Jack and Jill   Kum-ba-yah   Lazy Mary   London bridge   Looby loo   Mary had a little lamb   My aunt came back   Number 1 touch your..   Oats,peas,beans   Oh Susanna   Old brass wagon   One little finger   Punchinello   Ring around the rosy   Rosy, my posy   Round the clock   Six little ducks   Skip to my lou   Smile   Teddy bear   The ants go marching   The bear went over ...   The family   The finger family   There's a hole   This is the way   This old man   Two little blackbirds   What are you wearing   What's on the bed   What's this   What's your name   The wheels on the bus   Who stole the cookies